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Aurelia Ring

  • Aurelia Ring by Larisa Laivins
  • A one of a kind statement ring, its impressive tourmaline gem shines bright no matter the surroundings. 
  • While tourmaline is known to be the stone of reconciliation, it is often used to ground and reaffirm our Earth roots, fostering compassion and cool headedness to those wearing it. 


  • 5.3 ctw light green tourmaline, 18k yellow gold
  • Available to ship immediately in size: 6.75
    • Email us at to order a custom size
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ABOUT : LARISA LAIVINS ~ Texas born and LA based designer, Larisa Laivins, creates timeless heirlooms designed to be worn. Pulling inspiration from ancient Roman design, paired with colors of the West, these pieces are playful yet classic.