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Sunroom Q+A: Marrakshi Life

We're so excited to welcome Marrakshi Life to Sunroom!

Launched in 2013 by photographer Randall Bachner, Marrakshi Life is both an embrace of the traditional Moroccan wardrobe and a reimagining of it in bright colors and refined designs. From their Marrakech atelier, a skilled team of artisans hand makes each of their extremely comfortable pieces.

From oversized tunics to flowing caftans, woven pants in sherbet strips and a rainbow palette...we cannot get enough. To learn more about the story behind Marrakshi Life, we spoke with Randall about his design process, inspirations, and the small things that are bringing brightness to his world right now.


Marrakshi Life is reimagining traditional Moroccan dress for a modern aesthetic and wardrobe. How much of this process involves preserving a traditional past vs. reinventing something new entirely?
The weaving process and techniques and looms are one hundred percent authentic and traditional. The fabrics and motifs are where the modernity and the twist come into play.


Can you share more about some of the traditional Moroccan weaving practices you follow?
From the spinning of the yarns to the ancient wooden looms passed down to us from generations of weavers to how it takes six men to load one warp on a loom are all practices that have been done for hundreds of years. There is nothing about our process that is modern, which explains the time it takes to make each garment. 

When designing and collaborating on custom pieces, where do you start?
I first think in terms of composition and balance. Secondly, I think of the woman who will wear it and how the predominant textiles should not overpower her. I then think about the details and choose accent fabrics for the cuffs, collars, and button placket. 

What is most inspiring to you right now?
My process of inspiration is very intuitive right now — the darker the world feels, the more I am drawn to intense, clean, and vibrant color. 

I think we all need optimism right that’s what I’m focusing on for upcoming collections.

+ Quick Fire! 
What are some small things you're doing right now to take care of yourself (mentally, physically, and/or emotionally)?
Cooking fresh and inventive food daily with my love. Since restaurants are closed in Morocco for dining in and taking out we have been reimagining the food we desire day-by-day. It’s the highlight of our time.

We have started taking morning walks in the olive farms in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains where we leave for meditative and contemplative moments. Exploring by foot the land that surrounds us is very grounding. 

My creative/design ethos in three words:

I always start my day with:
A cup of hot coffee with one sugar and milk In my beloved Zabar's mug!

Secret talent: 
I can sing bass! 

Song or musician I'm loving right now:

The thing I find myself recommending over and over again (maybe a purchase, or a recipe, or just a personal life hack or practice you get asked about often):
Incausa incense
Anything that smells good, and that takes me out of the moment.

My ultimate escape – real or imagined:
Looking for flights to escape although I never book them is my fantasy...right now it’s a desire to flee to Jamaica :)

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