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White Coffee Candle

  • White Coffee Candle by Lola James Harper
  • Inspired by the founders' dear friend, this scent evokes the instantly comforting feeling of times shared with loved ones. We love the juxtaposition between deep and sweet scents in this balanced fragrance.
  • Fragrance notes: Texas Cedar, Petitgrain, Orange Blossom, and Mandarin


  • Made in France / Specific ingredients sourced from USA, Paraguay, Tunisia, and Italy
  • Wax is a mix of mineral and vegetal (sunflower and coco wax) without any animal derived ingredients
  • Cotton wicks
  • Burn time: 60 hours
    • Extend the longevity of your candle with proper care. We recommend burning 2-3 hours at a time and keeping the wick length at 0.5 cm
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ABOUT : LOLA JAMES HARPER ~ A long-awaited new addition to the Sunroom family — the beautiful candles from Lola James Harper, a line founded in 2013 by a Parisian creative collective as a way to translate their most cherished memories into fragrance. Every scent is inspired by a specific place, moment in time, or memory — encapsulating the people and places they love around the world.